Tips for Staying Warm


With the snow falling and cold weather sticking around, it is important to dress properly when working outside. Le-Squeegee has a few tips to stay warm when you have to be outside during this cold stretch.

Wear a warm winter hat – Investing in a warm winter hat is necessary for working outside. A large amount of body heat can be lost through the head. Combine a balaclava with a winter hat and protect your face from frostbite.

Layers! – Yes everyone knows how important it is to dress in layers, but knowing the correct materials to wear is helpful. The layer closest to your skin should be a wicking material. When working hard outside, sweat can develop and then cool down the body quickly. A wicking layer pulls away the sweat away from the body. Depending on how cold it is, one or two insulating layers are required. This normally consists of a fleece or wool sweater. The outermost layer should be wind and waterproof. This helps keep you insulated and prevent the elements from penetrating your layers.

Gloves and mitts – Layers are also important for extremities. A thin pair of gloves combined with thicker mitts provides both warmth and versatility. It is important to be aware of any numbness in your fingers as it is an indicator that frostbite is possible.

Poly socks – A thin polypropylene sock underneath a wool sock is a good strategy to combat the cold weather. Waterproof boots also add protection from the cold. Getting your feet wet can lead to frostbite very quickly.

Be cautious of exposed extremities – Ears, nose and fingers can suffer from permanent frostbite damage if left exposed in the cold. Please me mindful of these areas of the body and make sure to head back inside if you start to feel any numbness, pain or stinging in your extremities.

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