Towing and hauling safety


Whether hauling a boat to the lake or towing a trailer for work, there are several important safety measures to implement. These will protect yourself and others when out on the road. 


Before pulling away, there are several safety checks that must be completed – Double check all connections. The hitch, safety pin and latch all need to be connected. Safety cables and chains also need to be in place. Double check everything is secured to the trailer. Finally, check the lights and test to see if they are working on the trailer.


Once all your connections are secure, complete a 360 walk around – On this walk around, you want to look underneath the vehicle and trailer for any potential hazards. Animals can lay underneath trailers to find shade. Make sure your path is clear so you can take off without incident. 


Know the limits of your tow vehicle – A vehicle can be ruined by attempting to haul too heavy of a load. It can also be a danger on the road as stopping time is hampered and suspension can fail. Improper tongue weight can cause a trailer to sway and possible jackknife. It is also best practice to make sure the load you are towing is as evenly distributed as possible. 


A few driving tips – Leave extra room when following another vehicle. Braking time is increased when pulling a trailer. Use a spotter whenever possible for backing up and parking. A spotter is a crucial safety element and can stop an expensive mistake. Block the wheels of the trailer when parked on a slope. 

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