Interior of the burned by fire house, burned furniture

Fire Damage Restoration

Suffering through a fire in your Billings home or business is a traumatic experience on many levels. You may be in shock, left wondering why. Personal belongings are likely to get charred, and if they somehow make it through the fire without getting burned, they’re sure to be left with an unbearably smoky smell. After the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, pick up the phone and dial Newman Restoration and Cleaning in Billings. Among other things, we’re a capable fire restoration company dedicated to dealing with all your fire damage repairs and making it as seamless of a transition as possible.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Billings

Often the most damaging aspects of a fire are the things that property owners do not notice with their naked eyes. Smoke and soot have the potential to be even more harmful than the flames themselves, as they contain harmful chemicals that, if inhaled, can put your life in danger. We have the fire damage repair tools to properly and effectively remove all negative effects of soot and smoke damage. Our process is comprehensive and methodical, and if there’s an ounce of soot remaining on your Billings property, you can count on us finding it.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Billings You Can Trust

Our team of experts is trained to make the fire damage restoration process as painless as possible. We want you to be able to return to your normal life without adding unnecessary stress on your shoulders. You can find plenty of fire restoration companies in Billings with the proper skills to complete the job, but you’ll never find one that keeps your best interests in mind like we do.

Tips for Fire Damage Cleanup

In terms of preparing for the fire restoration company to arrive on your Billings property, there are some things you can do before they arrive to make the process a little bit smoother. First and foremost, try to get an idea of every area that may have been affected by the fire. Our team will be able to easily identify the areas that may need extra attention if they know where the fire occurred. Open all the windows in your property in order to maximize airflow and ventilation. Start throwing away any open cans and boxes of food or other edible items.


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Newman Restoration & Cleaning is dedicated to restoring your home or business to its peak state of performance. Our family-first mentality has led us to become the most dependable and customer-friendly restoration service in the Billings, MT area. We offer a wide spectrum of restorative services, addressing issues dealing with water, fire, mold, sewage, and more. Contact our team today for a free estimate and more information about the long list of services we offer.

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