Opening the lids to investigate leaks around a septic system's tanks & pump chamber

Residential Sewage Cleanup

The first step of sewage cleanup and restoration in Billings is sewage water extraction. The sitting water can accommodate mold growth in 24 hours and damage to your Billings home can start immediately. All the water must be withdrawn, then all the remaining contaminants must also be removed. Then comes the sanitization, disinfection, and removal of damaged materials. What caused this in the first place? If you are waiting for us to show up, what should you do? And what rooms in your Billings home are most likely to be affected?

Common Causes of Backups in Your Billings Home

The common causes for sewage backup in Billings homes are either clogged sewer lines or overworked sewer lines. Clogged sewer lines can be caused by a buildup of materials like food waste, oils, fats, toilet paper, flushable wipes or hair. The lines also might be blocked by tree root growth or collapsed or shifted pipes due to the ground moving. Overworked sewer lines are caused by gutters, downspouts or sump pumps routed into the sewer line, and often occur after heavy rain.

While You Wait for Our Billings Professional

If you are still waiting for sewage and water extraction in Billings, there are some things you can do to minimize damage in the long run. Stop using water and avoid using drain cleaners if you notice the problem is in multiple drains. That would mean the problem is likely in the sewage main. Drain cleaners are toxic to children and pets and they will most likely not make it down to the main but will spill over into your Billings home.

Rooms of Your Billings Home Most Likely to Flood

The rooms in your Billings home most likely to be affected by sewage backups are basements, crawlspaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Open floor drains in basements are the most likely culprits for backups, crawl spaces are also low and likely to flood. Kitchens back up through the sinks and can contaminate cabinets, walls, and flooring. Bathrooms may back up, as the toilets are more susceptible in homes without basements. Laundry rooms likely back up in utility sinks, but on rare occasions might also back up into your washing machine. Trust Newman Restoration to get the job done right.


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