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Water Removal & Extraction

The first step in any flood cleanup project is removing the water from your Billings property as soon as possible. In some cases, this step can be completed in under an hour. In cases of extreme flooding, this process will take much longer. Regardless of how much water must be removed, you'll need a water removal service with the proper tools and know-how to get the job done swiftly. The longer you wait to remove the water, the more time and money you'll have to spend on restoration, so contact Newman Restoration & Cleaning for the most accomplished water removal service in Billings.

Flood Water Removal in Billings, MT

When partnering with Newman Restoration & Cleaning, you’re signing up with a service that knows the ins and outs of water removal. Our origins date back to our owner's childhood. Andrew Newman, the owner of Newman Restoration & Cleaning, utilizes his knowledge from many years of experience in the water restoration business. His parents, who also owned a cleaning and restoration business, taught him a lot of what he knows about his current water extraction company. He brings this expertise into homes and businesses all over Billings. homes flooded all the way to the second story

A Water Extraction Company in Billings You Can Trust

We take pride in the level of satisfaction our customers have with our water removal services. Their opinion means everything to us — after all, they're what have kept us in business for so long. We've built up a reputation as the restoration company that people feel comfortable leaving unattended in their property. Partner with us and join the long list of Billings customers that walked away from our relationship with a smile.  

Flood Water Removal Process

Water removal needs to start as soon as water begins pooling in your home. Even before your shoes are wet, a home can reach the point of needing professional water extraction to save saturated walls, floors, beams, or furniture.   When there is a plumbing leak, your walls are the most likely to get damaged. When there is flooding, carpets are the most affected and often need to be replaced.   Water removal and extraction may become necessary as a result of harsh weather, roof leaks, or damaged pipes inside the house walls. If any part of your home becomes fully saturated, its integrity is compromised, and mold spores may find a home. These risks for mold spores are why immediate water removal, water extraction, and advanced drying are necessary.  

Water Extraction Steps

If your property is rapidly filling with water, the first thing you should do is call our team at (406) 672-2819. Our lines are open at all hours of the day or night, and we'll always have someone on standby to help. We'll get to your Billings property as quickly as we can. While you're waiting for our arrival, there are some steps you can take to mitigate the water damage.            

  • Find the source of the flood and try to stop the flow.
  • Transfer all moveable items to a safe, dry area.
  • Use towels to dry wood surfaces, including floors and furniture.
  • Refrain from using electrical appliances in wet areas.
  • Refrain from using a vacuum as a water extraction device.
  • Refrain from entering rooms if the ceiling is dripping or sagging.

How to Prepare for Water Removal Services

After your call to Newman Restoration & Cleaning for water removal services, you may wonder how to prepare for the team's arrival. Our water removal teams are prepared to go into spaces where disaster has struck without assistance, but you can do a few things to make the process faster and safer. Remember: only do these things if you can do them safely.     Flooding in front of a home in the streets

  1. Disconnect Utilities from the Home/Area: If you haven't already, locate the shut-off for your power, water, and gas and turn them off. Switch off the breaker for any area of the house that has flooded to prevent shorts and electrocution.
  2. Take Photos of the Flood Damage for Insurance: Take photographs of the actual damage from as many angles as is safe. Your insurance company will want to see the aftermath. Then, keep taking photos as you pull out items and drain the water. Match pictures of the ruined items with recent photos and receipts of the same items or areas before the damage.
  3. Clear or Create a Safe Path: Make sure it is safe to reach the damaged area. If there has been major flooding, creating a safe path for your family and your water removal service may be necessary. Additionally, if you are unsure how to wait for your water removal experts to arrive.
  4. Remove Important Items and Begin Drying: If it is safe, you can start pulling out important items like furniture so that they stop taking water damage and can begin drying. If the water damage is not flooding, you can use fans to dry the room.

When To Call a Professional Water Extraction Service

Water extraction is important to prevent mold from growing in your home – under the carpet or behind your drywall – after a major leak or flood. Mold spores are always in the air, and any saturated material can start a colony. Serious flooding that leaves your shoes wet and damages furniture is even more dangerous, as standing water can become the breeding ground for smaller life forms. Immediate water removal services, followed by water extraction, can help restore as much of your home as possible.    


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